Sunday, February 8, 2009

Observations, Resolutions, Institutions, and Friend...itutions.

I’m starting to find myself talking like the Italians, even when I speak in English. For instance, one of my roommates, Giorgio, listens to music while he does household chores, such as cleaning the kitchen or doing laundry. A few days ago, while I walked into the kitchen while he did his laundry, he said “Charlie, do you like this song? It is jezz moozeek.” At first I didn’t understand, until I realized that he was saying “jazz music”, and I said that yes, the song he was playing was nice. The next day, during a walk with classmates, we were talking about the Italians we lived with and I said, “Oh, yes, Giorgio, he’s very cool. He listens to jezz moozeek, too.” Perhaps what’s even worse is that I didn’t catch my own mistake, and had a group of girls laughing at me. It was like I was back at Vandy. Hey-o!!!

I’m going to make it a point, starting tomorrow, to try to limit, or stop completely, the amount of napping I do in the afternoon. While napping may feel good in the short term, I feel like it’s really unproductive. Not only do I waste two or three hours in bed, during the (mostly) pretty Sienese afternoons, but I end up just sitting around for about a half hour after that, debating what I should do, since my homework is quick. Really, when I’m in Italy, I probably shouldn’t be using up my time sleeping in my apartment.

Still, I feel good, and I’m trying both to eat healthily and keep up with my budget. So far I think I’m doing well, but I know I need a contrada flag for my room. That much I know.

Now for some pictures:

Some friends outside the Baptistery of the Duomo.

This is the Torre di Mangia, the big tower in all the pictures.

This is the main shopping street, Via dei Montanini (which morphs into the Via dei Banchi di Sopra, but this picture is of Montanini). It's very nice at night, as well, but I have only gotten good pictures during the day.

As posted earlier, this is Chiara, Giorgio, me, Chelsea, and Eden.

All of us in our kitchen, just relaxing on a Saturday night.

Eden, one of my American roommates. I'll get a picture of Chelsea, my other roommate, soon.

The girl is Roberta. The guy is Andrea, my actual, same-room roommate. They're both very cool people.


  1. Please tell Eden that I think she is cute/I want to ask a question: What is the meaning of life from Italy? No 42 bullshit.

  2. Also tell her that Guy is a thai boy sex slave, to put his post into perspective.

    And yay for jezz moozeek! Don't think you'll be getting rid of that when you leave Italia.

  3. I've also come to realize the irony in "following" a blog called "sometimes wandering, always lost". Charlie knows where he's going, right?

  4. aaaaannd....

    tl; dr

  5. those pictures look awesome (as well as ur female roomates ;)

    keep napping cause im tired but i dont have time to...